Forum of Confectioners of Kazakhstan

On the 6-th of September, the Forum of Confectioners of Kazakhstan was held on the territory of Bayan Sulu confectionery plant. This is the second forum. The confectioners had first met at Rakhat factory in Almaty. This time, confectioners and representatives of associated activities, such as packaging, fat production, legal services, etc. met in Kostanay.

And the participants had plenty to talk about: Bayan Sulu and Rakhat companies shook hands once again and discussed the mechanisms of influence on bad faith producers, unauthorised use of trade marks and even product counterfeiting which, unfortunately, happen more often and injure the reputation of Kazakhstan confectioners developed over decades of patient labour.

EFKO Company once again demonstrated high-tech solutions for fat processing and production; so did Eurasia Foods which is known for its “Tri zhelaniya” (Three wishes) products.

The representatives of the Titov’s cardboard and paper mill from Naberezhnye Chelny and their colleagues from Kagazy Recycling, LLP demonstrated their high-tech innovations – can you imagine a cardboard pallet that holds a ton of loads!

The directors of factories repined against the level of education: novice confectioners have to learn all over again. By the way, Bayan Sulu is currently developing a new textbook, since the old one which is today used by students was designed in 1960-s.

It was interesting to learn about a global lobby of defamation of palm oil which is actually not more harmful than any other oil. In fact, the harmful products are trans-isomers – unsaturated fats produced during processing of any kind of oil for production of solid fats which are necessary for candy manufacture. Here we can see the benefits of palm oil – this is one of the few initially semisolid oils, and actually produces less trans-isomers. Promoting public awareness was also included in agenda.

At the end of the Forum, the participants enjoyed excursion in one of the most up-to-date confectionery shops in the country, which was once visited by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Discussions, research work, sharing of experience, disputes, agreements, recommendations for government – now the Forum participants have much to think about and work at.

Open cooperation, fair competition and mutual assistance – these are the only means to achieve leadership positions in global market for the benefit of our country.

And the Forum of Confectioners of Kazakhstan is a great stride in the right direction.