“Zimnyaya vyuga” 700g

New Year set

“Zimnyaya vyuga” 700g



Cardboard package with original white plastisol and glitter lacquer decor.

New Year’s composition sets:
– glazed sweets with fillings between waffles
– Assorted sweets
– glazed sweets with fondant centers
– glazed sweets with combined centers
– glazed sweets with milk centers
– glazed sweets with jelly centers
– glazed sweets with praline centers
– non-glazed praline sweets
– toffee
– chocolate
– glazed biscuits
– caramel candies with fillings and caramel mass interlayers
– caramel candies with fruit fillings
– caramel candies with fondant fillings
– caramel candies with milk fillings
– glazed caramel candies
– hard candies
– caramel candies with jelly fillings