Kostanay confectionery (today JSC “Bayan Sulu”) began to operate in December 1974 with capacity 24560 tons per year. Tanashev Nigmet Bukpanovich, born in 1939, was the first director of factory. As a mechanical engineer together with group of experts he arrived to organize work at the opening company of Karaganda confectionery. Under his management started to work all main production departments. It required preparing a large number of qualified personnel and they were trained at institutes, technical schools, GPTU, and went to training by professions on confectioneries of Almaty, Karaganda and Aktyubinsk cities from three to six months.

First started to work caramel department – 1st and 2nd mechanized product lines of producing caramel with stuffing with capacity 2260 ton per year each.

Wrapped caramel– «Fruktovo – yagodnyi bucket», «Studencheskaya», «Solnechnaya». Unwrapped «Rion» and «Populayrnaya v cacao poroshke»

В марте 1975 года был запущен бисквитный цех.

Bisquit department was opened in March 1975.

Line SL-1P line – producing sugar sorts of cookies by capacity 6000 tons per year.

Line A2-SZL #2 – production protracted sorts of cookies by capacity 2700 tons per year.

In July 1975 began to operate equipment on processing of cocoa of products and started to work candy and chocolate departments producing glazed and unglazed candies, chocolate and chocolate all sorts.

In 1977 Tanashev N. B. calls meeting on discussion of producing new types of production (photo).

1975-1980 yy – period of capacities development of the premiums sorts of caramel, fruit jelly, waffles, drage and iris. In August, 1981, Kiselyov Anatoly Prokofyevich, was born in 1946, becomes the director of the Kostanay candy store. His professional career began from the mechanic of biscuit shop director of the company. Company worked in busy three-shifts mode and produced 30 000 items per year. Mentoring to develop professional skill took huge value at this time. Competitions took place between work teams, shops, and also between confectioneries. Competition between drage makers of Karaganda, Aktyubinsk and Kustanay factories was held in 1981.

By results of review on labor protection, safety measures, sanitation, quality of production Red Flag award quarterly awarded to the winner department.

Competiveness spirit reigned in work and in sports, and in amateur performances. Process of passing GTO norms was everywhere.

1984 – competition of amateur performances devoted to the 30 anniversary of a virgin soil. A personnel was awarded Certificates of honor, trips across the Soviet Union and received money prizes for successful implementation of socialist obligations and active participation in public work.

In September 1993 – Kostanay confectionery was transformed into JSC “Bayan Sulu”.

In April 1995 Boger Evgeny Aleksandrovich, was born in 1957, becomes the president of JSC “Bayan Sulu”, specialized as an engineer – mechanics.

In 1996 the computer equipment, implemented local system of production control, equipped all services.

In 1996-1997 purchased the latest modern equipment for producing packing production of “EDALE E250S” and “EDALE E510i” (Great Britain). Following energy crisis situation diesel energy generator purchased for non – stop energy supply.

In 1998-1999 introduced equipment for caramel production and two wrapping machines (produced in Italy).

In 2000 – implemented boiler room, with general productivity 16.5 tons of steam per hour.

In 2002 – installed 3,8 km long airline VL10 kV for reliability of power supply.

2003 – implementation of chocolate production line with and without filling (produced in Turkey).
Confectionery production is focused on domestic market of Kazakhstan. Product distribution presented by wholesale to all regions of the country. Employed 900 people. Assortment of product range increased to 200 items. Company is participant of domestic and international exhibitions.
In March 2004 Trayber Vitaly Andriyovych, was born in 1950, becomes the President of JSC “Bayan Sulu”.

2006 – Quality Management System was implemented in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

2009 – new equipment of Ubitek, Germany, for production of assorted sweets and hollow chocolate with filling, approximate capacity of 450 forms per hour, was put into operation at the factory of JSC “Bayan Sulu”.

Chocolate department No.2 producing bar chocolate of 100 g and 225 g and composite-filling sweets, was ceremoniously presented at the factory of JSC “Bayan Sulu”.

2010 – JSC “Bayan Sulu” updated its logo. The main goal of logo update was to make the brand more attractive for purchasers.

2011 – a continuous production line STRADA 1200 by “Klöckner Hänsel Processing GmbH”, Germany, for production of caramel, capacity 1200 kg/h, was put into operation in caramel department.

2012 – finished product storage with total area of 3000 sq.m. and capacity of up to 3000 tons of finished products was put into operation.

2013 – marshmallow continuous production line was put into operation in sweets department. Marshmallow mass is prepared in Compact Mix 700 by Hansa Industrie-Mixer, Germany.

In biscuit department, the wafers production line by “FHW Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen GmbH”, Austria, was mounted and put into operation.

2014 – dragee production line IDA 3002CV by Dumoulin, France, capacity 1800 tons per year, was put into operation, resulting in 2.7% increase of production capacity.

2015 – Sadykov Timur Meyrkhanovich was appointed as the President of JSC “Bayan Sulu”.

Certification audit of Quality Management System was performed as per the requirements of state standard of RoK ISO 9001-2009 (ISO 9001:2008).

Food safety management system was implemented as per the requirements of state standard of RoK ISO 22000-2006 (ISO 22000:2005).

Energy management system was implemented as per the requirements of state standard of RoK ISO 50001-2012 (ISO 50001:2011).

2016 – President of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited the confectionery plant. He highly appreciated professional competence of JSC “Bayan Sulu” employees, as well as particularly noted a rapid development of the company during the last decade.

September 2016 – Put into operation a new biscuit department with annual capacity of 9.5 tons of confectionery, equipped with a line for the production of waffles made by«FHW Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen GmbH» Austrian company and a line for the production of biscuits made by«Imaforni Int’l S.h.A» Italian firm.

December 2016 – “Bayan Sulu” confectionery factory won the national competition “Altyn sapa” in nominated category “The best commodity producer”.